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Freelance Frontend Developer | Global Tech - Central London

Our client, a technology company based in Central London, has developed a ground-breaking cloud-based e-commerce platform for digital media exchange. Their unique solution offers any digital content owner to plug into the business chain and sell any kind of media to their affiliated retailers and brandsWith offices around Europe and growth in a number of areas within their new London office, they are now looking for a top-quality Freelance Front-end Developer to join the team.


The main business of the group is a digital exchange for media with focus on on-top-services / SaaS for its international customers. Target customers are content owners (labels, publishers), creative individuals (artists, writers) on the one hand, and retailers, brands, bloggers, educational institutions and alike on the other.



The platform


The core platform is already built as a fully cloud-based, global solution, which serves needs of the music, ePublishing and education industry in a modern and sophisticated manner. Future extensions of this platform are aiming to also serve needs of other digital industries using the same (and extended) platform.



Core technologies


The entire platform follows a clean separation of concerns with a service-oriented architecture.


The Backend of the solution is written in .NET/C# and exposes all resources via a REST API. Some internal processes are implemented in JAVA.


The Front-end part for B2B management uses the APIs and builds a node.js/HTML5 presentation layer for client users on top of it.


B2C elements for our clients use the same API for a more exposed integration in any blog, or commercial website world-wide.


The persistency layer is in Postgres with exposed search in ElasticSearch. All components of the platform are hosted in Amazons Web Services in multiple regions. They manage their processes with Agile (SCRUM) and JIRA.



Your role


As a member of the international team you will be working together with their product management and UX designers to determine the best way to implement certain business use cases in the front end. This is either the B2B online manager application, or exposed B2C widgets for use by retailers.


You define your requirements for the business logic (API) for the backend development team and contribute to the overall technical design. Senior and junior level team members work together to implement the best-fitting solutions for our customers.


For individual projects bespoke customer solutions will be built to tailor the core product/platform to the customers’ needs.



What you will do


Develop front-end web solutions for your clients using our services

Design and implement front-end using provided APIs

Integrate supplier API's

Propose improvements to existing systems

Participate in reviews of design, code, test and operational procedures



What we require from you


3+ years of experience with web development on medium to large scale successfully deployed projects

Knowledge in HTML5, CSS (LESS or possibly SASS), EcmaScript,

Knowledge in Node.js/Express.js framework and modules, Angular.js

Experience with build tools such as grunt/gulp/webpack

Experience with EcmaScript 5/6

Knowledge in using Elastic Search

Strong experience working with Web Services using HTTPS and provided RESTful APIs with payloads in JSON format

Design and develop web service integrations with distributed team members

Must have strong work ethic and be able to work both in team and solo environments



Always a plus


Experience in web development

Experience working with Agile/SCRUM development process

Experience using Jenkins, JIRA, Phonegap

Experience in using Amazon web services (AWS)

Experience with frameworks like vue.js, react.js, or others



What's in it for you


Exciting and fast paced work environment

Cutting edge technology stack

Experienced team members in a strong international team